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I started my career in social media through small consulting and speaking, then went in-house. My first job was an internship at a SaaS "startup" at the time called HubSpot where I learned the inbound marketing methodology and the funnel. I developed a new social media strategy and managed their community of 1.5 million followers. From social media, I pivoted into employer brand and recruitment marketing to attract talent. I saw an opportunity to make recruiting more human and apply a marketing perspective to HR. 

There is more than consumer brand. Savvy job seekers research their employers online before applying and interviewing. What do they find? It's more than the job description, careers page, perks, and ping pong tables. They're looking for an authentic, human representation of what it is really like to work for your organization, the culture, the values, mission, and people. An effective brand needs to be more than having a Facebook page, a careers page, or Glassdoor account. A strong brand engages, relates, resonates, and makes an impact on who it touches... employees, candidates, recruiters, prospects, or customers. Employer brands help attract top talent, retain talent, and enhance both the candidate and employee experience.

Where I come in:

  • Crafting effective messaging
  • Defining employer value proposition (EVP)
  • Creating content: blog posts, video, email, social media posts, and copy
  • Storytelling and employee advocacy: empowering employees to share their story in their own light

I use LinkedIn as my portfolio, so please find me there.