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As a digital native, I can address a variety of areas with a unique perspective from firsthand experience.

My current topics are employer branding, online marketing, social media, and the millennial generation.

I customize every presentation to address the audience at hand, to fit your needs, with practical examples, and adjust for the presentation so that it is understood best. I can talk at a broad, forward/future-thinking level or go in-depth and step-by-step. My speaking style is engaging, vibrant, energetic, personal, and sometimes humorous.

I have spoken at over 40 events over the past 5 years: ranging from audiences of business professionals, universities, class lectures, non-profits, and corporations. Those audience members have been a variety of students, executives, entrepreneurs, retailers, teens, realtors, attorneys, investors, marketers, private detectives and investigators, employees, journalists, advocates, and business professionals. I am often a keynote speaker and general session speaker, but I do offer breakout sessions or workshops as well. I would love to speak at your event, please contact me!


  • Inbound marketing
    • Inbound methodology: attract -> convert -> close -> delight
    • Inbound, content, social media, funnel, video, campaign, conversion optimization, and digital marketing strategy
  • Social media & community management
    • Science of social media: timing, KPIs, metrics, tools, tips, tricks, and best practices
    • Successful social media campaigns
    • Social media advertising: Twitter and Facebook sponsored/promoted posts, targeting, conversion
  • Millennial marketing
    • Overview of millennials, Generation Z, and the young demographic target market/audience
    • Viral marketing campaigns
    • Trends for this age group
  • Employer branding, recruitment marketing, & social recruiting
    • How to attract talent from a marketing & branding perspective
    • Content marketing, employer brand, social recruiting, recruitment marketing, and Glassdoor strategies
    • Engaging with passive and active candidates digitally to build relationships & two-way conversation


"Lane guest lectured about social media to my class at McGill University. He is an engaging and highly knowledgeable speaker. Lane's passion for social media and digital marketing shines through when he addresses a group. My students rated him highly. If you get the chance to work with Lane, do it. He knows social media inside and out, and is highly focused on giving an audience clear takeaways for action."
-Jackson Wightman, McGill University
"I met Lane when he was a 12 year-old presenting on social media platforms at Apple and was immediately impressed by his preparation, knowledge and speaking presence. In the years since, Lane and I have spoken on a number of panels together and he has lectured in the classes I teach at Emerson College in Boston. 
What I find remarkable about Mr. Sutton is his ability to easily connect with audiences; within minutes of introducing him into my senior level college classes, my students relate to him as a peer, considering all he has to share on the subjects of social media, marketing and social networks. "
-David Gerzof, Professor, Emerson College & President, BigFish Communications
"When Lane Sutton came to speak at my digital journalism class, I purposely left out the part that he was a teenager. He waited in the hall as I described Lane's work history in social media, then I called him in. Students gasped. That's part of Lane's lure: He's brilliant and still a kid. But Lane is no novelty act. He just happens to be way ahead of most adults when it comes to understanding and implementing social media. His talk was informative and professional. He came with handouts, a stellar Power Point presentation that offered an explanation of the future in digital media use for journalists based on computational analysis and his own visionary insight. The talk then ventured into specifics with practical guidelines for journalists and a resources list he tailored for students. The students enjoyed hearing from him and I have invited him back."
-Cindy Rodriguez, Journalist-in-Residence and Professor, Emerson College
"Lane Sutton was selected as the keynote speaker for the Technology Alliance of Central New York's 2014 Celebration of Technology banquet. At first, board members all thought, "What could a 17-year-old kid have to say about technology?" We all learned that he has plenty to say. 
Lane gave an interesting, informative talk on privacy in a world of social media oversharing -- the world he has grown up in and knows well. He had more than a few people in the audience rethinking their social media strategies, myself included. 
But Lane wasn't just warning about the lack of privacy. He also offered some ways that people can protect themselves, including being strategic about what you share. It was a great talk, and I wouldn't hesitate to have Lane as a speaker again on a different topic."
-Maria Welych, Board Member at the Technology Alliance of Central New York
"We recently hired Lane Sutton to speak at our NEMOA Fall directXchange event in Providence, RI. I was very impressed with Lane from the beginning of our dialogue together. Lane was a last minute speaker addition who replaced a cancelation. Lane was able to grasp the concept of the NEMOA organization and write a session description within 24 hours! We don't always get that kind of excitement and response from other speakers. 
Lane prepared a very detailed and well thought out presentation that covered all marketing touch points, online and offline, that are important in driving revenue for multichannel retailers. He had a great opening video and 55 slides for an hour presentation. He definitely gave our audience a lot of material to absorb and think about. Given that Lane is only 16 years old, we were all very impressed with his knowledge and ability to articulate in a well educated manner. Lane clearly understands the online marketing landscape and had a great point of view from the new Millennial Generation. 
I was personally very impressed with Lane, his knowledge, his enthusiasm, and his professionalism. Overall, I would definitely recommend Lane as a speaker for Internet related topics. He is very impressive and only 16 years old!! I can't wait to see where Lane is in 10 years!"
-Cindy Marshall, President at the New England Mail Order Association
"When I produced the Social E Conference on e-media and social media marketing, I knew I needed an expert. With a crowd of senior real estate and banking executives, the room hushed when we introduced our opening keynote speaker: a 14-year-old who was just getting ready to enter high school. But Lane was already a seasoned pro -- speaking before numerous other organizations and notching a few TV interviews, too. He came in with great visuals, a compelling and well-researched presentation, and a message that was to the point: social media is the future. I've put on a lot of seminars and events, and had a lot of speakers. Few have had the impact that Lane had, or the stage presence. He's a wunderkind to watch."
-Vince Valvo, Editor-in-Chief at The Warren Group
"I had the pleasure of meeting Lane at Podcamp Boston in 2011 and subsequently invited him to speak as a guest lecturer at my digital marketing class at Bentley University as well as my social media class at Suffolk University. Lane is an articulate, poised and confident speaker. He possesses self-deprecating humor that disarms his audiences and focuses them on his knowledge rather than his age. I thoroughly enjoy working with him and look forward to collaborating with him again in the future."
-Mari Anne Snow, Professor at Bentley University and Suffolk University
"I first saw Lane present on the subject of Reputation Management at Podcamp Boston 6. He was just 14 years old at the time, and the young man blew me away with his passion, knowledge, and practical insights. His professionalism and comfort in front of an audience were also downright shocking for someone of any age. Lane's list of speaking credits and credentials is nothing short of extraordinary. Lane is incredibly intelligent, focused, and humble, especially considering his sizable accomplishments for his years. What's more, he's a truly kind person who's determined to share his gifts with this world. I believe in this amazing human being, and can't wait to see where his talents and passions lead him next. It's my most sincere honor to recommend Lane for any consulting, coaching, or speaking opportunity. He knows his stuff. He will deliver, delight, and amaze. Guaranteed."
-Lani Voivod, Epiphanies Inc.
"I was in awe with Lane when I met him at a Boston Investment Conference. Not only his knowledge on social media blew me away, but his confidence, eloquent delivery of the materials as a teenager in front of a big crowd is equally shocking to me in the most amazing way.
-Rachel Zhang, Investor
"Lane is bright, hard-working and a great speaker. We spoke together at an event and his session was packed. I recommend Lane for any speaking engagement - he's young but he commands a stage! Plus he knows social media strategy. I hope to speak at a conference with him again soon!"
-Amanda Nelson, Director of Marketing at RingLead


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