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My story

I started earlier - earlier than most. Most 11-year-olds were playing sports, auditioning for the school play, watching TV, and having fun. Business was my sport and I was still having fun. My inquisitive mind led me to create a blog reviewing movies, books, and products by a kid, for kids and families. It was content marketing and blogging without me knowing it. I promoted "Kid Critic" on social networks and met all these cool tweeters online. I had found community.

Someone asked if I would train her on social media for $10 an hour. I said sure, thinking "what does a 12-year-old have to offer." That was my first job and I'd never look back. It was amateur consulting. She gave me an opportunity to see my potential while growing her business. 

Shortly after, I started speaking at conferences, universities, and events. First talk was at the Apple Store in Boston.

I was interviewed on HubSpot TV where their CMO offered me a job on their web-show in front of a live audience. I became their youngest intern and loved the culture.

I get a call for a social media opportunity. Except it's not on a marketing team, it's for recruiting. But, I didn't know a thing about recruiting or HR. I met the team and was hired to remotely build a social recruiting program for an enterprise social media software startup. I learned about the culture, values, and interviewed employees about their experience which became a formal employer brand strategy. I launched a few channels and tested some campaigns. Ended up loving it and now I do marketing for recruiting.

I've gotten to work with some cool brands: HubSpot, TripAdvisor, Sprinklr, and Disney. I love what I do. 

You can easily find older talent who say they understand millennials, social media, or the new waves of marketing. Or you can consider me who lives and breathes Gen Z, millennial life, social media, and also understands the professional marketing world. 

By trade, I'm a marketer and telling an authentic story is at the heart of what I do. I grow and build marketing strategies for employer brands. Brands should feel human too. That's why I focus on story first. I work with talent acquisition and recruiting teams to bring culture to life to candidates, attract the best talent, and retain employees.

The war for talent is even more competitive now. Job seekers are savvy and culture is what differentiates one company from another. They can sense a true culture from a false one. 

How can we work together? 

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